Instructions for Seasoning and Maintaining Napoleon Cast Iron Cooking Grills

Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Cast Iron cooking grills must be seasoned on a regular basis in order for them to maintain their non-stick condition and prevent rust build up that can easily form on unseasoned Cast Iron.

You have 3 options for re-seasoning your Napoleon Cast Iron cooking grills.

Option #1
If your cooking grills have rust spots, use one of the following to scour the rusty area, a steel wool or stainless steel cleaning pad, a brass or stainless steel BBQ brush.

Once you have removed the rust wash the grills in warm soapy water and thoroughly dry.

Apply a layer of fat over the entire grill. (Use fat high in saturated fats such as palm oil, coconut oil or Crisco type lard.

Heat up the fat covered grids to a high temperature which will allow the fat to bond to the cooking grills.

Option #2
Same as Option #1 except use mineral oil instead of fat and apply with a cloth or small paint brush. Let the grills sit overnight before using.

Option #3
Bring your grills to A-1 Chimney Sweepers and we will clean and season them for you. Cost is $25.00 per grill.