Napoleon Barbecues

Napoleon Grills are a work of functional art! They have everything you need to have an entire outdoor cooking experience in a single grilling unit.

Regency Fireplaces

Contemporary Gas Fireplaces

For over 35 years Regency has carefully researched trends to develop fireplaces that fit your needs. A perfect combination of function and beauty; each Regency is a high efficiency heater with a beautiful view.
Astrial Fireplaces

Warmth has never looked so good!

Regardless of your décor or your heating needs there is a fireplace from Astria that will fit your home perfectly. From gas- and wood-burning to electric fireplaces, you have a long list of choices.

Pellet Stoves

Piazzetta’s history is based on research, innovation, expertise, knowledge and selection of the best materials, cutting-edge technology all combined with a craftsman’s skill.

Valor's L2 Linear Series

A bold statement in any living space, the L2 is luxury fireplace design at its finest.

The Fireplace Store That Comes to Your Door – Serving Toronto Ontario,
Winnipeg Manitoba and Surrounding Areas

With over 24 years of experience, The Fireplace Store That Comes to Your Door offers its customers a wide range of indoor and outdoor fire burning solutions to enhance their homes and provide warmth on those cold winter nights. Our professional fireplace technicians help you design the best pellet, wood, gas, or electric stove, fireplace, or insert for your home, cottage or business. Our outdoor solutions include custom installed barbeques, pizza ovens, fire pits, and fireplaces so you can enjoy spending time outdoors year round.
Hearth PI The Fireplace Store that comes to your door
heating with wood


When you burn wood you are releasing a renewable stored energy. It’s like having a bit of summer sun on your hearth.
heating with pellet


Heating a home with a pellet fireplace can provide effective and affordable heating to ward off the winter chill.
heating with natural gas


With natural gas, you’ll never run out of fuel. Underground pipelines mean there is no disruption of supply due to storms or power outages.
electric heating


Ideal for condominiums, apartments, cottages or any place that an electric appliance is acceptable.

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